Whilst The Grad Scheme has been busy recruiting our next generation of superstar Paraplanners, our Financial Admin hub have had some exciting developments of their own and welcomed a fresh pair of eyes and a burst of new energy!

Unicorn-loving Caroline joined Cheryl and Bernie in the Financial Admin team at the beginning of June but despite her short time with us, it’s fair to say she’s proving to be a natural fit and already has her feet firmly under the table. In true Para-Sols style, she’s rolled up her sleeves and hit the ground running and despite being just 5 weeks in post and has no previous industry experience, is impressing us daily on her grasp of all things pensions. To say she’s a fast learner is an understatement!

Welcome to the team Caroline, it’s our pleasure to have you.

What’s been your first impressions of Para-Sols?

My first impression is I feel massively at home with the people I’m working with. The company is currently very busy and everyone has a busy schedule, however everyone still has time to be friendly and offer advice when needed. The company is fresh and fun, and more so the office dogs make me a happy bunny coming to work.


What have you learnt so far?

Considering I didn’t have any financial experience; I feel quietly confident that I could hold a decent conversation regarding pensions now! I’ve also got used to working the companies system and a Mac (which I was dreading slightly) however I can confirm I am now converted and may even consider buying my own. I’m really excited to continue learning and developing my knowledge!


What are you most looking forward to?

It’s a cliché I know but I honestly just love to learn new stuff. I’m also a little impatient (isn’t everyone?!) so I can’t wait to know everything there is to know about financial services. I know realistically that’s impossible because there’ll always be something new to learn, but immersing myself in my work and feeling like I know the industry inside-out really excites me.


Likes: Dogs (especially lurchers), crazy hair colours, unicorns, a good cup of tea and olives.
Dislikes: Spiders, bad time keepers, being angry, beans & sausages in a tin and untidy handwriting

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Say hello to… Caroline

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