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Offering a full range of services, we help you save both time and money.

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We've got your back.

There’s no better way to describe what we do here at Para-Sols. We provide the support service you need when you need it.

We know that no two advisory firms are the same, so we get to know you and your clients to provide the best possible support services, ranging from paraplanning to annual reviews and everything in between. Find out more about how we could help you and your team below.


We're known for it.

You really can select as much or as little support as you require, whether you need one person, or a whole team on the case. We work with clients from small firms to networks and everyone in between.

Want to learn more about our services, or want to skip straight to our costs and charges? Then look no further and download our brochure now to find out more about how we can help you and your team.


It's kind of our thing.

When we say our support is built with you in mind, we mean it. We’ve always got exciting updates and plans in the pipeline… for the future ‘you’ that doesn’t yet realise the potential of an improved report format or a new virtual service.

We have a track record in leading the industry in innovation and service redesign, with no plans to slow down any time soon. Innovation is embedded in everything we do.

Discover our
Suitability Reports.

Think suitability reports are dry, lengthy and a bit, well, boring? It’s time to think again…

Meet Rise.

Introducing Rise, our bespoke case management and collaboration system. Using Rise, you’ll upload your case, ready for our team to collect and start working on in real time. You can then track its progress and discuss the specifics at any time, all via the system. You can see what stage it is at, when it is due to be completed and who is working on it.

Once the project has been completed, following an internal quality check, the documents will be uploaded to Rise and you will be alerted to go in and review them. In addition, the system shows all case fees, as well as your monthly invoice total in real time. Transparency is another one of our things.

Virtual Paraplanning.

Like the idea of outsourcing, but wish you could have a paraplanner in your client meetings with you? Well, now you can get the best of both.

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