We’ve grown up!

Welcome to the new look Para-Sols website; refreshed brand, sexy new Resources area and an overall new feel. Why the change? Well we thought it was time to celebrate our growth and the fact that Para-Sols isn’t just my baby any more, it’s many others too. It’s grown up, become independent of me, taken on […]

Are you ready for GDPR?

Firstly, anyone else sing the Flo Rida GDFR song when they read GDPR? Nope? Just me then. Anyway. Let’s have a look at this, and what it is all about… Firstly the good news, it’s not as complex as MiFid II (hurrah) which you can read about here. The bad news? Both GDPR and MiFid […]

MiFid II

What is it? Does it affect me? What can I do? It seems to me that MiFid II and the information around it are unnecessarily complicated. While updating myself on the legislation and impact, I’ve read many articles and thought pieces, taken part in webinars and looked at surveys on the subject and it feels […]