Conducting R(ESG)Search

As a paraplanner, there are a number of aspects you need to think about when it comes to ESG investments. Grant Callaghan, Paraplanning Techspert, Para-Sols, provides some key points to consider when researching. Know the client It goes without saying that you cannot research or select an ESG investment without knowing what the client cares about, […]

The importance of being admin

Financial administrators, client support, client liaison, parassistant, admin assistant, parapartner… whatever the job title, there’s no doubt that administrators are an integral part of any team. Whether it’s a PA supporting an adviser, or an admin assistant supporting a paraplanner, they are often the unsung heroes of our industry. Within any organisation, every single person […]

Financial admin – the backbone of financial services

Financial administrators provide invaluable support for financial advice firms and financial administration should be considered a career in its own right, says Sophie Wilkin, financial administrator for Para-Sols. ‘Administration’ is a word often thrown about across many different industries, perhaps too often that people have started to overlook the fundamental importance of it. In my experience, […]

11 tips for being a successful paraplanner

What makes for a great paraplanner? Emma Perkins at The Art of Finance sought the opinion and experience of her colleagues at Para-Sols and provides some top tips for our readers. Here at The Art of Finance we offer mentor support for our students and we regularly receive a lot of questions. One question that we […]

Smarty Pants

The last 18 months have been tough for everyone, so we’re super proud of our team for not only powering through the immense workload, but also continuing to push on with their personal development. So, we’re excited to be celebrating: Twenty two exams passed, three diplomas achieved, two AF7s, one chartered status, but no partridge […]

Eclipse: Dealing with providers

Dealing with providers – everyone’s least favourite part of financial services at the best of times, right? We joke about it with our new trainees; how we hope they enjoy the sound of Greensleeves, or being told that 2 + 2 = 7. It’s just a fact of finance life. But… it seems to be […]

Dishing the dirt on digital currency

Although cryptocurrencies have been around for a while, in recent months they are something I, and probably yourselves as advisers, have noticed being mentioned more often in client assets or in conversation. But what exactly are ‘cryptocurrencies’ and what exactly is the FCA position on them? On as a basic level, cryptocurrency is a form […]

If I could ‘TAR-n’ back time…

In our day-to-day work as paraplanners, we regularly see recommendations in regards to surrendering investment bonds for a variety of reasons. For example, restructuring investments more tax efficiently, poor performance, and to reset the 5% allowance clock. As a surrender is a chargeable event, if there’s a gain crystallised, there can be tax to pay […]

Technology talks – or does it?

I recently attended an online seminar with a group of advisers to discuss the various issues around the use of technology within the advice profession and how best to embrace it post Covid. The general consensus amongst the group being that online meetings had been a welcome addition to their process, and in large would […]

The tax planning impact of the big allowances freeze

With the Budget just announced and tax year end approaching, it feels like the right time to recap on the last tax year while looking ahead to the next one. Tax year end is always a busy time for us, and no doubt for you too. A lot of this work relates to pension and Isa top-ups to make use of available […]