Since we launched in 2009, we have consistently grown and developed, both in size and skills. We always strive to be our best and for that, we need the best people – they really are our greatest asset.

We take great pride in the culture we’ve created – one with ongoing learning opportunities, a positive environment and a healthy work-life balance – and we’ll continue to invest in and engage our employees in the wonders of what we can all achieve together.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to grow with us, then take a look at the career options across The Verve Group. Whatever stage of your career you’re at, let’s see where your potential could take both of us.

No experience in the industry yet? No worries.

Embark on our two-year programme, comprising of on the job training, exam qualifications and everything else that’s needed for a career in financial services.

Growth and development.

We champion all aspects of personal and professional development, and support all members of the team to be the very best version of themselves. From exam qualifications to personal coaching and everything in between, we focus a lot of attention on upskilling our staff so that they’re happy, fulfilled and providing top quality service to our clients in the areas of work they value most.

If you join us, we'll support you by:

Values and behaviours.

We’re incredibly proud of our culture and have invested a great deal of time and resource in developing a framework to underpin every element of who we are as individuals, and who we are collectively as a business. How we approach recruitment, how we do business with clients and how we interact as a team are all guided by our company values. It’s not something we simply pay lip-service to, it’s an integral framework – some would say, our DNA – which governs who we are and how we work.

The values we demonstrate at all times are;

Health and wellbeing.

We also have a Health & Wellbeing programme so, as well an infinite supply of fruit, snacks and ice lollies, we’re all fans of a little physical competitive challenge and aren’t strangers to muddy bootcamps and exercise marathons, most of which are generally in the name of charity.

Sound like a great place to work? That’s because it is!

"... and have some fun doing it."

Remember that part of our mission statement? Well it will be no surprise that we believe whole-heartedly in the “work hard, play hard” ethos and so regularly give ourselves the chance to recharge and relax.

We finish a little early on Friday, and meet in our own ‘Para-Pub’ (called The Tunstall Arms) or outdoor terrace, where we unwind from the week and start looking forward to the weekend.