Eclipse: Dealing with providers

Dealing with providers – everyone’s least favourite part of financial services at the best of times, right? We joke about it with our new trainees; how we hope they enjoy the sound of Greensleeves, or being told that 2 + 2 = 7. It’s just a fact of finance life. But… it seems to be […]

Say hello to… Hannah

What better way to round off Para-Sols incredible year of growth than squeezing in just one last member of staff!  Whilst we’ve had a great year expanding our Trainee Paraplanners, the Technical Research team has been given a life of it’s own too.  So to help strengthen the existing team we are pleased to welcome […]

Recruitment Day

We have recently welcomed another wave of graduates in to the Para-Sols team and couldn’t be happier to have them on board. It’s a lot of fun going through the whole recruitment process with them, and finding people who have a genuine interest in Paraplanning and the wider Financial Services industry. It’s not always easy […]

Simon Glazier, Chartered Financial Planner of the Year, AAB Wealth

AAB Wealth have had a relationship with Para-Sols stretching back to the very early days of our business. We particularly like the way that Para-Sols can adapt their reports to our own template designs and branding and the very well thought out way client reports are structured. We have a lot of confidence in their ability […]

Steve Murphy, Chartered Financial Planner, Moore Stephens

We started using Para-Sols back at the end of 2014 and we are very happy with the service provided. We mainly use the recommendation report service; having obtained reports on a wide range of recommendations, we have been impressed with both the presentation and the quality of the documents provided and would have no hesitation […]

Jonathan Brown, Partnership Financial Planning

As a sole practitioner I find having a paraplanner of great value. It releases valuable time, up to an extra day a week, which can then be used to engage with more clients which is what the job is all about and gives me more earning potential.