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  • Q1. What does outsourced paraplanning involve?

    Outsourced paraplanning is a way of obtaining paraplanning support without the expense or commitment of a full time paraplanner. You can vary the level of support you receive, depending on your work levels, and will not have typical employee-associated expenses such as national insurance costs, holiday cover and pension contributions.

  • Q2. How can it benefit my company?

    The biggest benefit of outsourced paraplanning is freeing up time to spend with your clients instead of doing paperwork. Getting the experience of a highly qualified paraplanner and assistance with managing your processes are additional benefits.

  • Q3. What information do you need? How will I provide it?

    For compiling suitability report, we will need everything that would normally be required; factfind, meeting notes, details of existing holdings etc. For other paraplanning needs, such as research or plan/fund analysis, the information needed would be different, be we can discuss all cases to ensure a smooth procedure. Documents can either be uploaded to our Rise system, or shared with us via your own document sharing / back office system. We take the security of your data very seriously and can provide details of our security procedures upon request.

  • Q4. What areas of financial planning do you cover?

    We can produce reports and provide paraplanning support on all areas of financial planning including investments, pensions (including occupational), protection, tax planning, EIS and VCT schemes. We also work with firms on cashflow planning, and producing non transactional financial plans.

  • Q5. What is the turnaround time for reports?

    This will vary depending on the type of report, whether research is required etc. Once all information has been received, the anticipated timescale for you to receive the report back is 5 working days. Obviously, if we are awaiting additional information from insurance companies etc, this will increase the total timescale.

  • Q6. How are reports sent to me?

    Reports will be returned to you in Word format. We find that most advisers prefer this as it allows them to make any minor amendments to the report or add a personal touch to their clients.

  • Q7. Who provides the advice?

    Para-Sols are not authorised or regulated by the FCA. The regulated adviser remains responsible for the recommendations and advice given.

  • Q8. How much does the service cost?

    We work on a fixed fee basis so you know exactly what the cost will be and can factor this in to your fee discussions with your clients. These are also shown in our Rise system so they are clear and upfront. All fees are detailed in our information pack which can be requested via the website, or by dropping us an email to

  • Q9. Can you incorporate my company branding?

    We want to offer as personal a service as we can, and make the reports as reflective of your company as possible. We are therefore more than happy to incorporate company logos and branding. We will also adapt our fonts and styles to match your company image, thus ensuring consistency throughout your correspondence with your clients.

    If you have internal templates, we are happy to use those, although it is your responsibility for keeping these up to date and providing us with the latest versions. Alternatively you can use our own templates, which we ensure are regularly updated.

  • Q10. Is the information I send you secure?

    All the information you send us is completely secure. We are registered under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018 and we run a paperless office meaning all information is stored in password protected and daily backed up Macs.

  • Q11. What is Para-Sols' relationship with Apricity Compliance?

    Para-Sols and Apricity are sister companies – Apricity offers compliance to advisers and planners, using new technology developed to make life easier for them. The two companies have separate teams (so it’s never one of our paraplanners checking your compliance). The only common denominator between the two is Cathi, as she developed both.

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