My Experience at Para-Sols so far…

Despite having to tell my friends and family numerous times that I’m not involved in the umbrella business, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first 3 months at Para-Sols.

Before I started, I thought I knew quite a bit about pensions, investments, insurance and the like, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact, during my first few days, after a crash course in the basics of the finance industry from Kim and Cathi, it quickly dawned on me that I didn’t actually know how pensions or investments really worked, and all the different options available. SIPPs, SSASs, GPPs, PPPs, EPPs, ISAs, OEICs …. the acronyms seemed to go on and on!


In my time so far, I feel that I have deeply enhanced my knowledge of financial services but I’m very aware that there is so, so much more that I don’t know. I have come to realise that the industry must be so confusing for people who haven’t been immersed in the financial services environment. To me, this has highlighted the importance of financial advisers/planners to help people understand the options available for their money and to safeguard, grow and most importantly enjoy their savings in the most efficient way possible.

My ongoing development and learning has resulted in sitting my RO1 exam towards my Level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning at the start of November, which I fortunately passed! My goal is to complete my Diploma by the end of 2016, and continue to learn more about this vital industry.

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