How it works.

How it works.

From the outset, our belief is that using Para-Sols should be as simple as possible; the aim is to free up your time and a complicated process would defeat that purpose. We’ve therefore worked hard to make it incredibly easy to get started with us, and to build up that perfect outsourced relationship.

Got questions?

Rest assured, after all this time, there is no question we haven’t yet come across! Hopefully a flick around this website will answer some about us and how we work. Our brochure has details, including fees, which you can easily download. And you can also click below for our FAQs. Anything more? Just book a chat with us below.

Try it for yourself.

We work with firms to do one or two trial cases, to get to know you and your preferences, and give you the chance to test out our systems and processes. Click here to book in with our client relations team, who can get you set up in no time to try it for yourself.