New reports – who dis?

So. Suitability reports. Our bread and butter as a business for the last 11 years and for pretty much all of Cathi’s (lengthy) time in financial services.

They’ve always been the time-consuming part of the process that advisers have wanted to get off their plate and onto the plates of someone who actually enjoys doing them. And that’s us; as paraplanners, we have a unique (read: odd) appreciation of suitability reports and using them to convey often complicated matters to the client in terms they understand.

At least, that was always the aim.

Deep down, we’ve always known there was a very large possibility that those reports were flipped through and popped into a drawer to read ‘later’ (at best). That no matter how many pretty colours or nice tables we used, the majority of clients would absorb the information given to them by their adviser, ask their questions face to face, and see the report as a formality to back that up.

And so we had a ponder as to whether there was anything that could be done about that:

  • Did they need to be quite so long??
  • Did they need to be printed? (think of the trees!)
  • Did they really have to be so flat?

The vicious circle of reports is the more you try to explain a financial term, the more words you use, the lengthier the report becomes, the less likely they are to be read.

But what if we could take some of those terms, get rid of all the words, and turn them into videos? Or motion graphics? What if we could make the reports interactive, and visibly ‘pop’ so the client wants to at least have a play around with it, if not absorb every single word?

What if we could use animations to show the impact of the advice and the costs and charges, so they were as clear as clear could be? In fact, what if they got all of that information in an app, to flick through in their own time, maybe while on the tube, in the hair salon or even in bed?!

Well, here you go. That was the philosophy around our reimagined suitability reports. And here is the output.  We’re continuing to develop them, because our innovation never stops. But we’re pretty pleased with what we’ve built so far and hope you and your clients are too.

Click here to view our interactive reports or view below:

Made with Visme Presentation Maker

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