“Oh hello, welcome to our new abode! Please, do come in…”

If you didn’t already know (and it’s likely you do, we’ve been giddy enough about it for at least the past month), we’ve moved into new offices this week. Still based in the esteemed Lingfield Point in Darlington, we’ve moved into a different building – Beehive – and we have to say, the environment is living up to its trendy name.

With some expansion plans on the horizon for us, when the chance to move into an office space that not only had the space we need (all 2,500sqm and a mezzanine floor to be exact!) but also matched our Para-Sols quirks and personality, well, that’s what they call serendipity.

Now we’re all moved in and with our feet settled firmly under the new desks, we’re all busy at work making our 2017 ambitions a reality. Some would say we were ‘busy bees’ working up a ‘hive’ of activity. Hmmm, now fancy that…


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