PFS Purely Paraplanning Conference

On Wednesday 21st September 2016, the Paraplanners at Para-Sols had a day out in Wakefield to attend the PFS Paraplanning conference, which was very informative and ensured we were all up to date with industry knowledge.

The day started well with tea, coffee and pastries – always a winner! However, that of course was not the real reason we were there.

Nick Edwards at Consultniks got the ball rolling with an excellent presentation on the important tax changes that were introduced earlier this year in the 2016 Budget, such as the new dividend taxation rules. The session was very informative and although we knew the tax changes already, made sure that we understood everything!

Other sessions held throughout the day included a presentation by Joanna Bevan at TIME Investments regarding Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs), Adam Higgs at F&TRC regarding the software tools available within the industry and Paul Archer at Archer training who ran a session on understanding how to dodge the bullet in the work place and avoid conflict.

Neil Dickey from the PFS, who was facilitating the event, ran through a case study on divorce, which covered areas such as Bypass Trusts, in terms of whether they are relevant today given the introduction of Flexi-Access Drawdown. We love a case study at Para-Sols as it’s much more interesting to apply technical scenarios to a real life situations.

The highlight of the day however was of course our very own Jo Campbell, along with Darren Moore from Towry and Gemma Siddle from Eldon Financial Planning, having a debate (I must clarify this was pre-planned and fortunately did not get heated) regarding the general issues within Paraplanning today, such as whether to bring in a standard or benchmark for Paraplanners. We will leave this to you to decide…

The events are always very worthwhile for Paraplanners to go to, enables you to meet other Paraplanners and help you to keep up to date with the industry!

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