Exam-tastic progress!

It’s been a busy and exam-tastic start to the year so we thought it was about time we updated you on our some of our academic successes, including the progression of some of our grads from last years graduate programme.

* spoiler alert, some of them aren’t ‘grads’ anymore!*

As a business, we encourage everyone to realise their potential and help them strive forward with their careers. Recently, a lot of them have proved their resilience by sitting (and passing!) exams during what is also a very busy time at work. It’s amazing to watch them grow in skills and confidence and exceed their own personal expectations. So, humour us as we spend the next few paragraphs boasting about how awesome we think they are….

We’re only 3 months into 2018 and across the grads, they’ve already passed 5 exams towards their Level 4 Diploma (in Regulated Financial Planning) and them, together with the wider team, have another 9 booked in for the next upcoming months – that’s impressive, even if we do say so ourselves! It is great to see that even when we are at our busiest, they are still booking their exams and using what spare time they do have to revise.

We recently set up a study club on a morning (three times a week), so those who want to can come in early, grab some breakfast and get their head in the revising game before the day starts and in the spirit of ‘knowledge transfer’, the study club is supervised by a senior member of the team so that there’s always someone on hand to answer their queries. Many of them have taken up the opportunity and this in itself makes us smile from ear to ear.

We do have a couple of grads who have already had promotions which leads us nicely onto the next part of this blog…

Lee Hastie and Holly Johnson joined us in 2017 with no background in financial services but a tenacious attitude and a real eagerness to learn. Now half way towards their Diploma and consistently hitting their personal KPI’s, both have been promoted to Junior Paraplanners –  they reall y are superstar paraplanners in the making!

Then there’s those who’ve came out of the other side of The Grad Scheme.  Kate Hall joined us in Summer 2015 and this month completed her Diploma and is now a fully qualified Paraplanner. There’s also Rachael Wilson who joined us in Autumn 2016 and is not far behind Kate – just one last exam to pass before also becoming fully qualified!

And last but by no means least, Grant Callaghan who is our ultimate success story. Grant joined us as our very first intern recruit back in 2013 and since then has continued to come on leaps and bounds. He quickly secured his Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and swiftly moved onto his Advanced Diploma – which he completed last month. His achievements don’t stop there, because in a few months time he will celebrate 5 years with us and will officially become Chartered. He’s a model Paraplanner and a wonderful mentor to our newest grads and it’s these qualities that secured him his most recent promotion to our Head of Paraplanning.

Seeing all of our grads embracing the world of financial services with such vigour makes us burst with pride every day. They’re hungry to learn and their enthusiasm is infectious, so it’s important that as employers, we continue to invest in them and manage out any challenges we face. It’s how we grow as business but above all else, it’s how we prosper as a profession.

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