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Our expertise across The Verve Group, and the range of services we’re able to offer advisers has led us to develop a core offering, to help you build the blueprint of your business.

Product Governance (PROD) guidelines, introduced by MIFID II mean that a full review and segmentation of your client bank is now a regulatory requirement; but is rarely done and documented as it should be.

Leading on from this, is an understanding of the best investment proposition for your client segments (Centralised Investment Proposition) and then, a review of the platforms or providers that can best facilitate your client needs (Platform Due Diligence).

Each part of the process.

Your business should ideally have all three of these elements in place, we’re happy to help you with the whole process, or just focus on the parts your need in order to enhance your existing structure.

PROD Segmentation.

Review existing client bank, profile ideal client, identify business specialisms, create a segmentation structure to support these.

Centralised Investment Proposition.

Review all options, factoring in existing propositions to identify suitable investment options for each client segment. Also incorporating your ESG investment options and CRP needs.

Platform Due Diligence.

Review platforms for the most appropriate option(s) to support the client segments and investment propositions.

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