A pain in the ASR?

We know the feeling!

Annual Suitability Reviews. Periodic Suitability Reviews. A pain in the ASR. Whatever you want to call them, our recent research found that this requirement was taking up considerable time and resources for the majority of planners. Each were approaching it in a different way, ranging from not doing enough, to doing far, far too much.

To help, we’ve created a free annual suitability guide to provide some background and tips on this area.

But as it is clear this is a real headache for advisers, we have spent the last month really enhancing and cementing our offering in this area. We have created new templates and a robust process.

Our service is separated into three different options that should cover all of the range of requirements we have seen so far (along with the ability to build on the current offering to make something totally bespoke to you and your business).


This covers the regulatory requirements and is simple and easy for the client to understand. Designed to go out with the platform disclosure.


Our most popular offer, it combines the regulatory requirements with some client friendly information to provide a document to your client that shows what has happened over the year, without having to repeat all of the original recommendation or provide irrelevant data that results in a huge document no one wants or needs.


This builds on the foundation of the standard ASR, but allows you to add other salient information that you think the client may benefit from. Such examples are cashflow updates or IHT information.


[Annual Suitability Review*]

Annual Suitability Reports detail the reasons for all recommendations and how they relate to the customer’s objectives.

*Otherwise known as a ‘pain in the ASR’.

The A(SR) Team.

As this is such a crucial part of the advice journey, and we anticipate the need for it being great, we have dedicated a whole lot of resource to the new ASR team. It has a team leader, two paraplanners and two administrators. All specially trained in ASRs and eager to help.

All this from as little as £12.50 per client, per month. Contact us below if you would like more information.

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