Why us?

If you’re still wondering why you might outsource, have a look here for some of the key benefits. If, however, you’re wondering why choose Para-Sols specifically for outsourcing, then you’re on the right page!

We thought we’d keep it simple and summarise some of the key features, and why we think we’re the ideal choice for outsourcing:


We started in 2009 and have constantly developed and evolved our service and the way we support firms since then. We have a huge amount of experience and know how to make things work, but aren’t afraid to develop and change to keep ahead of the curve.


Rise, our own bespoke system, allows you to upload and track your cases in real-time, securely store documents, communicate with us, see case costs and receive regular updates on progress.

5 day turnaround.

We work to a 5 day turn around from the case being uploaded to Rise, to our internal quality check and the case being returned to the adviser. For more information on this, see our latest brochure.

Part of a bigger family.

Para-Sols is part of The Verve Group, meaning we’re able to draw on the expertise and resources of other companies within the group, giving us an extra dimension to our knowledge.

Our fee stucture.

Our transparent and fixed fee structure means our fees are fully disclosed upfront, as well as logged in our case management system, so you are aware of your fee levels at any point.


From day one, our aim has been to provide you with the resource that you need. We have structure and processes to keep things transparent and easy to use, but it’s down to you to select exactly what support you need, which tools to use, and how your output is tailored.

Office-based team.

In the post-pandemic world, our team have more flexibility with working from home days and flexible hours but, at our core, we remain an office based team, giving you peace of mind about the team you’re outsourcing to, and enabling you to pick up the phone and speak to any of us at any time.

Robust security.

We have invested heavily in our IT and software infrastructure, which continually evolves, and adheres to all the latest GDPR and security regulations.


From our interactive suitability reports to our virtual paraplanning service, our innovation continues apace as we respond to the challenges advisers are telling us they’re experiencing. Got a problem? Let us know – we’re sure we can help.

And if you need more reasons...